Chinese Wisteria

A delightful woody vine valued for its drooping clusters of fragrant, violet-blue, pea-like flowers that bloom in spring. The flowers are followed by green compound foliage on the twining stems. Perfect for covering patios, arbors, or fences. Works well trained into a small tree as the thick, woody, trunk-like stems develop. Deciduous. USDA Zone: 5Continue reading “Chinese Wisteria”

Black Knight Butterfly Bush

Spectacular summer color from lightly fragrant, dark violet-purple flower spikes. A fast growing shrub that works well as a foundation shrub, an accent plant or as a background in borders. Slightly hardier than other varieties, but may die to ground in cold winter areas, emerging vigorously in spring. Deciduous. USDA Zone: 5 – 9 LightContinue reading “Black Knight Butterfly Bush”

Raspberry Ice Bouganvillea

A beautiful, low, mounded, spreading form with a profusion of raspberry-pink blossom-like bracts and contrasting variegated foliage. Perfect for hanging baskets, or as a colorful shrub or groundcover in small sunny spaces. One of the hardiest varieties! Evergreen in frost-free climates; provides superb warm season color in colder winter areas. USDA Zone: 10 – 11Continue reading “Raspberry Ice Bouganvillea”

Roman Beauty Rosemary

A Mediterranean beauty with arching stems that spill freely over a rock wall or container edge. Delightful lavender-blue flowers appear in spring. The aromatic, needle-like evergreen foliage is valued as a culinary herb or in potpourri. This rugged, deer resistant, evergreen shrub tolerates poor soils, drought, and salt spray. USDA Zone: 8 – 10 LightContinue reading “Roman Beauty Rosemary”

White Swan Coneflower

Daisy-like flowers have a coppery cone center surrounded by drooping snow white petals. A magnet for butterflies. Fabulous native plant for wild gardens or prairie meadows. Equally good in traditional beds, borders and containers. Hardy perennial. USDA Zone: 3-9 Light Needs: Full Sun Water Needs: Water regularly in extreme heat for best performance. Requires lessContinue reading “White Swan Coneflower”